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Power outage from a lightning strike

The Charger Alert mobile phone app was created to warn you with an alarm if somebody unplugs your device while it is charging. This also has the positive side-effect of alerting you when there is an electrical power outage while using your charger.

Electrical power failures aren't just an inconvenience, …

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Charger Alert v1.3 has been released to the Google Play store.

Release Notes

  • The guard must now be manually disarmed before unplugging the device to stop the alarm from sounding.
    This makes Charger Alert more straightforward to use and allows it to work with custom screen lock apps.
  • Fixed a …
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The first public release of Charger Alert for BlackBerry is now available on BlackBerry App World.

If you have any feedback or encounter any problems using the application please report it here so that it can be looked into.

We hope the Charger Alert app proves to be a useful …

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For all you BlackBerry users, you can now test out the beta version of Charger Alert v1.0 for BlackBerry.

Download and install it Over-The-Air (OTA) by navigating your BlackBerry phone to: beta testing has now finished.

The app requires permission to:

  • Create notifications - to indicate that the guard is …
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Version 1.2 released

Charger Alert v1.2 has been released to the Google Play store.

Release Notes

  • Alarm volume can now be set to a custom level.
  • Improved handling of alarm volume.
  • Fixed a bug where the upgrade option didn't always appear when available.
  • Added a number picker interface for the alarm delay setting. …
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Version 1.1 released

Charger Alert v1.1 has been released to the Google Play store.

Release Notes

  • All ads are now removed when the app is purchased.
  • Optimized the charger guard activation.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

Charger Alert App QR Code

Video on using Charger Alert

You can now watch an introductory video to using Charger Alert, with a brief overview of the features available in version 1.0

Transcript of the video

Hello, and welcome to this introduction on using Charger Alert for Android.

Charger Alert is an app that triggers an alarm if your device …

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World Globe Flags

One of the goals of Charger Alert is to be useful to as many people as possible, irrespective of language or country.

If you are able to read and write in another language, please consider helping to translate Charger Alert, for the benefit of other users in your country.

To …

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Version 1.0 released

The first release of Charger Alert for Android is now available on Google Play (Android Market).

Charger Alert v1.0 Screenshot Charger Alert App QR Code

Charger Alert v1.0 is just the beginning, with more features and improvements planned for future versions.

If you encounter any problems using the application please report it to us so that the issue can …

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