Video on using Charger Alert

You can now watch an introductory video to using Charger Alert, with a brief overview of the features available in version 1.0

Transcript of the video

Hello, and welcome to this introduction on using Charger Alert for Android.

Charger Alert is an app that triggers an alarm if your device is unplugged while the screen is locked.First ensure that the guard is enabled.

This indicates that it is ready to use.

When you plug your device in to charge, as I'm about to do now...

You'll see this screen appear, asking if you wish to activate the guard.

Select 'Yes' and the charger guard is active.

You can deactivate it at any time by selecting the notification icon.

For now, we'll keep it active.

When you're ready to unplug your device from charging, first ensure that the screen is unlocked.

Once the screen is unlocked, you can safely unplug your device. without triggering the alarm.

So, I'm about to unplug my phone, and you'll notice that the icon has disappeared.

This indicates that the Charger Alert guard has been deactivated.

If you prefer to have Charger Alert start automatically, Select the 'auto start' option.

Now, as I plug my phone into charge.

You can see that the charger guard has been activated automatically, without having to ask me first.

Now if your device is unplugged, while the screen is locked Charger Alert will trigger the alarm.

So as I unplug my phone...

You can see, and hear, that the alarm has been activated.

To stop the alarm, first unlock the screen and then select 'Yes' to deactivate the guard.

You can customize how Charger Alert works from the settings menu.

From here you have a number of options.

'Maximum volume' - this will sound the alarm at your device's maximum volume

It is the recommend setting, so that the alarm can be easily heard.

However if you wish to use a different level, simple uncheck this, and use your device's volume buttons to adjust the level accordingly.

The next setting is 'Delay alarm'

This is useful, if you occasionally forget to deactivate the guard or unlock the screen before unplugging your device.

With this option you can set a delay for a number of seconds before the alarm will sound, to give you a chance to deactivate it.

In this example, we'll use five seconds.

So, this is a five second delay, which has unlocked two further settings.

The 'Sound delay warning'

From here you can select a sound that will pre-warn you that the alert has been triggered, and the alarm will soon sound.

You can also have your device vibrate, as a warning.

Charger Alert for Android, is available free from the Google Play store.

For more information visit:

Thank you for watching, and I hope you find this a useful app for your mobile device.