About Charger Alert

Charger Alert™ is the battery alarm application for your mobile device; warning you if your battery is low, full, overheating, or unplugged while charging.

Want to safeguard your mobile phone when left charging? Or are you tired others keep taking your USB charger while it is in use?

Use Charger Alert to warn you with an alarm if somebody unplugs your device while it is charging.

Charger Alert also helps protect your battery by alerting you when your battery is low, overheating or has finished charging so you can unplug it.

Protect your device and your battery with Charger Alert.


  • Displays your battery information:
    • Battery status, e.g. charging or discharging.
    • Battery charge level percentage in a circular indicator.
    • Battery charger if plugged in e.g. USB, AC, Wireless.
    • Battery temperature in either Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).
    • Battery voltage measured in volts.
    • Health of your battery.
    • Battery type (e.g. Li-ion) and manufactured mAh capacity.
  • Ongoing notification in the status bar with your battery information.
  • Alert when you successfully plug your device in to charger.
  • Alert you if your device is unplugged from the charger when locked.
  • Alert you if your battery has finished charging.
  • Alert you if your battery is running low (choose low level in Settings).
  • Alert you if your battery is running hot (choose temperature in Settings).
  • Settings to customize aspects of the app to your liking.

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