Version 3.0 released for Android

Charger Alert v3.0 has been released on Google Play with the addition of a battery health alert, along with other new features and improvements.

When enabled, the Battery Health alert will notify you if the device ever reports a problem with the battery, such as: overvoltage, overheating, too cold, or some other type of battery failure.

Another welcome addition is multiple language support. Charger Alert has users and fans across the world in many different countries, so it was only right to make it more accessible by translating it from English into other languages.

The initial list of supported languages is just a start (and may contain translation errors!) so any help to translate Charger Alert into your language is always welcome.

Charger Alert v3.0 alerts screen

Charger Alert Android QR Code

What's new in v3.0

  • Added a new alert to notify you if the battery becomes unhealthy.
  • Added initial language support for German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai.
  • Added extra battery alert levels (70% for full, 35% for low, 60°C for hot).
  • Enabled easy access to alert notification settings from within the app settings.
  • Automatically cancels alert notifications when no longer relevant.
  • Shows battery percentage in yellow or red when the battery is low.
  • Improved screen layouts to better fit larger screens.
  • Improved app icon and support user theming.
  • Improved in-app purchase process.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements, and optimizations.