Version 2.1 released for Android

Charger Alert v2.1 has been released on Google Play bringing with it more settings, and a battery widget you can use to display your battery information right on your home screen.

You can also now choose a battery full level (other than 100%) to alert you, for example when your battery charges to 90% or 80%.

Studies have shown that it's best for a battery's lifespan to not constantly charge all the way to 100% every time.

The new battery full level setting along with the battery low level alerts will help you prolong your device's battery life by making sure you don't fully charge or fully discharge your battery each time.

Charger Alert v2.1 Settings screenshot

Charger Alert v2.1 App Widget screenshot
Charger Alert Android QR Code

New Features in v2.1

  • Customize battery full alert level to values other than 100% e.g. 90% or 80%.
  • More values to choose from for the battery low and hot alert levels.
  • Battery widget to display your battery info on the home screen. Pro version
  • Optimizations for better performance.
  • Informs you when there is a new update available.