Test version at BlackBerry Beta Zone

A pre-release test version of Charger Alert is now available to download at the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

This is a beta version for testing purposes to find & fix any bugs before it is released to BlackBerry World. To gain access to beta versions, you'll need to download the official BlackBerry Beta Zone app to your BlackBerry 10 device from BlackBerry World.

Charger Alert Beta Zone

"With the BlackBerry Beta Zone app, you can test and contribute to BlackBerry 10 beta products before they are ready for the public."

Once you've installed the BlackBerry Beta Zone app and registered, you'll then be able to join the Charger Alert program to download it.

In particular, we are looking to test the unplugged and full battery alert functionality, as users have reported issues with these previously. The battery monitoring aspect within the app has been rewritten and improved so these alerts should be fully working for everybody now.

However, if you discover any problems or have any feedback, please send them in.