How to show battery percentage?

Charger Alert shows your battery percentage in a number of places:

  • In the main screen when you open the app.
  • As an ongoing notification that you can view by swiping down or from the lock screen.
  • In a battery widget if you decide to add one to your home screen.

To always have the battery percentage displayed in the status bar at the top of your android device, follow these three simple steps:

  • Go to your system Settings.
  • Select the Battery section.
  • Find the Battery percentage option and toggle the button on.

This will permanently show the battery percentage remaining in the status bar at the top of your android device.

How to check battery health?

You can check your device's battery health from the main screen of the Charger Alert app.

Under normal conditions your battery's health should be labaled as Good.

If there is a problem with your battery then you may see one of the following instead:

  • Overheated if the battery is too hot and has overheated.
  • Cold if the battery is too cold to operate at optimum capacity.
  • Overvoltage if the battery has too much voltage from charging.
  • Dead if the battery is dead and can no longer hold a charge.
  • Failed if the battery has failed for some other reason.

Why doesn't the unplugged alert work?

By default, the unplugged alert will only trigger when it is activated and the charger is unplugged while the screen is locked.

If you do not have a screen lock set (in system Settings > Security > Screen lock) or simply want the unplugged alert to always trigger any time the charger is unplugged, then you can go to the app Settings and switch off Only if screen locked under the Unplugged settings section.